Wiedemann has been standing for quality in candle and wax making since 1861.

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A candle is much more than just the combination of the individual components of wax, wick and colour. A candle creates atmosphere and well-being, it awakens fond memories and deep emotions. It is a touch of luxury for every day.

Today, our 90 employees inspire a part of these emotions on a daily basis with a lot of commitment, dedication, and above all experience. Since our founding in 1861 by Ludwig Wiedemann, candles have been our passion. Now, in its 5th generation, Juliane Wiedemann currently manages the company successfully in the future. The story lives on. Tradition means not only preserving history, but also taking responsibility for the future. As the only candle manufacturer worldwide, whose entire product line is 100% carbon neutral, thanks to complete CO2 compensation, Wiedemann candles exemplify environmental responsibility and sustainability. We are the “green candle”.

At Wiedemann all production techniques in candle manufacturing are employed, whether traditional or modern. The name Wiedemann reflects a long heritage of artisanal craftsmanship in candle drawing and candle decoration, “made in Germany”. Combined with our ability to produce industrially in multi-shift operations for on-time delivery of large orders, makes us an ideal partner for all of your candle needs.

In January 2014, we relocated the shipping process to our new logistics centre in Mietraching, only 4km from the production site. This very modern, high-bay warehouse, accommodating 2,800 pallet spaces, ensures sufficient flexibility for a fast, efficient logistical operation. Our extensive stock holding of over 2,500 stock items enables the short-term fulfilment of deliveries according to your needs.

The Wiedemann range is lively, trend-orientated and encompasses the latest colours. We place great emphasis on quality, service, innovation and zeitgeist. As a full-range supplier, we offer candles for every customer under the brand name Wiedemann.

Choose us as your partner and turn future into tradition.

Juliane Wiedemann
Managing Direktor


A candle is much more than just the combination of the individual components of wax, wick and colour.

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Green Candle

Wiedemann strives to minimize CO2 emissions and consistently seeks to ensure climate neutrality within its company.

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Wiedemann candles are subject to testing by Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen e.V. The „RAL Quality Mark“ guarantees a high level of health and environmental compatibility.

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