On 15th January 1861, the Wiedemann company was founded by Ludwig Wiedemann when he bought the factory, café and patisserie.

  • 1886 Carl Ludwig Wiedemann takes over the company
  • 1914 his son Ludwig Wiedemann inherits the company
  • 1951 Karl Wiedemann Snr continues the business and leads the company to success through innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, with over 250 employees
  • 1985 Karl Wiedemann receives the Federal Cross of Merit for his commitment to the craft
  • 1994 Karl Wiedemann Jnr takes over the company
  • 2002 The 14-year old daughter, Juliane Wiedemann, inherits the company after Karl Wiedemann Jnr dies suddenly
  • 2007 Juliane Wiedemann becomes the sole shareholder of the company
  • 2009 Wiedemann releases a new catalogue and product range and becomes once again the market leader in modern floristics
  • 2011 Wiedemann commits to environmental protection with its sustainability concept, “we balance”.
  • 2012 TÜV SÜD awards carbon-neutral certification according to CMS standard 41 to the company and its products
  • 2013 Juliane Wiedemann takes over the running of the company


A candle is much more than just the combination of the individual components of wax, wick and colour.

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Green Candle

Wiedemann strives to minimize CO2 emissions and consistently seeks to ensure climate neutrality within its company.

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Wiedemann candles are subject to testing by Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen e.V. The „RAL Quality Mark“ guarantees a high level of health and environmental compatibility.

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