The Wiedemann green candle*: for the love of the environment

As a traditional business with over 150 years of experience, at Wiedemann we know all about our responsibility for the future. This also applies to the environment. Therefore, we have decided years ago that we contribute our share to protect the environment.

Our promise: green candle quer PAN Rot

• We prevent CO2 emissions where possible.
• We reduce those emissions that can not be avoided.
• We strictly control the quality and origin of all our products.

Wiedemann candles. Creating atmosphere without destroying it.




A candle is much more than just the combination of the individual components of wax, wick and colour.

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Green Candle

Wiedemann strives to minimize CO2 emissions and consistently seeks to ensure climate neutrality within its company.

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Wiedemann candles are subject to testing by Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen e.V. The „RAL Quality Mark“ guarantees a high level of health and environmental compatibility.

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